Saturday, September 11, 2010

Quartz Clock Gadget

I was checking out some Rainlendar skins and came across this very simple-looking analog clock, which I think looks way better than the default Windows 7 Clock gadget. Don't you think the minute and hour hands are much easier to tell apart?

Unfortunately, the above Rainlendar skin seems a little unfinished(?). There is a noticeable white patch in the middle of the face on the right clock. I decided to mess around with the Windows 7 Gadget source files and try to work on a customized clock by modifying existing codes and skins.

My customized clock is more than 20% bigger than the default Clock gadget and almost as tall as the full-sized Weather gadget. I've always wanted a slightly larger clock on the desktop so that I don't have to strain my eyes whilst gazing at the monitor. ;-)

I can't think of a kick-ass name for this timepiece gadget, so I'll just call it "Quartz Clock".

If you are interested to give Quartz Clock for Windows 7 a try, it's available for download HERE (147 KB). Simply open the gadget file and the clock will pop right onto your desktop.

Sadly, there is only one selectable clock skin at the moment.