Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pocket Digital Clock is One Year Old

Pocket Digital Clock (PDC), which is a Windows Mobile Today screen plug-in I wrote for displaying date and time on the Pocket PC in a stylish manner, just turned one year old today. Yay!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all users who have supported PDC for the past year. I have never imagine a simple personal project would have benefited other Windows Mobile users and grown into something I'm proud of, especially for someone who had no Windows programming background. Unfortunately, I'm unable to develop the software further due to time constraints and other commitments. Even though there are almost no software updates for the past six months, visitors still keep coming to PDC's home page.

As at 28 February 2009, the total number of visitors has already exceeded 106,000. (The site counter - ClustrMaps was only registered on 15 April last year.) Wow! And the world is populated quite nicely, isn't it?

What surprised me most is that the top visitors are from Japan, follow by the States. The reason is probably because I authorized two Japanese companies - SHINYUSHA Co., Ltd. and Mainichi Communications, Inc. to publish and feature PDC in their magazines. Well I guess I should be saying "arigatou gozaimasu" instead.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Nyoron Haruka-tan

While Mirai Suenaga gets her own anime, the younger sister - Haruka is receiving the nyoron treatment.

This time drawn mainly with PaintTool SAI as recommended by most DC readers. Experimented with the various different painting tools in SAI while I tried to imitate the art style in the Nyoron Churuya-san series created by Utsura Uraraka. I had to use Photoshop for the text however... nyoro~n :3

The above 4koma with empty speech bubbles is available for download HERE and you're welcome to caption it.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

File Hosting Fail

I don't know why but I constantly receive complaints of inaccessible files on where I host my transcribed sheet music. If you're being directed here due to download problems, you can find copies of the files in links below the respective YouTube videos.

Granado Espada Piano Title Music (Full Ver. + Piano Sheet)

Alternate hosting sites:
Picasa Web Album (Piano sheet music only)

CLANNAD - Nagisa/Dango Daikazoku Ver.2 (Rearranged + 初音ミク)

Alternate hosting sites:
Picasa Web Album (Piano sheet music only)

Due to local ISP proxy, my choice of file hosting sites is quite limited. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Mirai and Haruka 4koma

Last week, I was cleaning my Intuos2 tablet and moments later, found myself scribbling away with the Wacom pen without realizing. Images of SD Mirai, which appeared on Danny's site not too long ago, must have been haunting me so I ended up drawing semi-SD version of the Suenaga sisters.

I'm no stranger to CGing but this is probably my first 4koma... I think. Artwork is a little crude since it was a rushed job.

Drawn entirely in Photoshop CS2. Yes, it's not the best software for inking digital lines but I didn't have Painter installed. Anyone wants to recommend me a better program for drawing lines with a tablet?

By the way, this 4koma is an inside joke for the readers.

Panel 1: じーっ (stare)
Panel 2: ドド (heartbeat)
Panel 3: ドドドドド (racing heartbeat)
Panel 4: きゃあ~ (shriek)

Highlight for spoiler >>> Dolphin is another word for penis on <<

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Gamer's Worst Fear Realized

After returning home from a boring trip, I could finally relax and and fired up my Xbox 360 for a couple of Gears of War 2 tournaments. Just when I was navigating through the multiplayer menu, I heard a short but loud screeching noise as if someone was tearing the TV apart. The next moment, the entire screen was glitched with checker-like patterns and the game froze.

My only option was to re-power the console in hope of getting my shooting spree started. And right before my eyes, I witnessed what all Xbox 360 owners fear most - the Red Ring of Death.

My reaction... OTL - I just couldn't believe this would happen so soon since I only bought my first Xbox 360 last year. By the way, it's a Falcon board.

Thanks Microsoft. You just ruined my weekend.