Sunday, February 21, 2010

Kimi ni Todoke ED Piano Arrange (Kataomoi)

Wrote this piano arrangement of Kimi ni Todoke anime ending theme during the Chinese New Year holidays but only had time to upload the sheet music and post this blog today. The original song is sung by Chara, titled Kataomoi which translates to unrequited love. Decided to compose the ending theme shortly after I transcribed the insert song of Kimi ni Todoke because this is one of those catchy anime theme songs that will get stuck in my mind for some time.

The intro and outro sections of the piano music are transcribed by ear. Source is from the background music in episode 18 and 15 of the anime respectively. I had to compose and arrange the interlude that connects the intro and outro from scratch since I cannot find a fuller piano version.

Download Kataomoi piano sheet music here.

YouTube video done in Adobe Flash. Guess I'm getting the hang of working with simple transform animation using Flash. Background image by 住屋 published under Pixiv Commons.

You can also download the piano music below.