Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kimi ni Todoke OP Piano Insert Song

Been busy during the past months due to a surge of events affecting my personal life. Therefore, I didn't manage to do anything creative to blog lately. But after watching the recent episodes of Kimi ni Todoke a couple of days ago, I was determined to set aside some free time in order to transcribe this beautiful piano insert song of the opening theme, which is one of the background music in episode 15 (approximately after 04:00 into the show).

This short piano piece could have appeared in earlier episodes and I probably missed it since I was relying on my crappy laptop speakers for my previous viewings. If I missed out a longer version of this piano music, please do let me know.

Sorry I couldn't afford to spend too much time and effort on the visual in this video hosted on YouTube. It's just a static picture of Sawako-chan with some simple video effects done in Adobe Flash. My main concern was getting the notes and audio parts to sound as good as possible.

The initial transcribing was done in Guitar Pro which I find very comfortable to work with, even though it is meant for writing guitar tabs. I feel that the editing of notes in Guitar Pro is less hassle than other software I've tried, like Notation Composer and Finale Songwriter. But eventually, I have to fallback to Finale Songwriter for publishing of my transcription in a more readable and presentable format.

The nice thing about using all these notation software is that most of them have the ability to export your transcribed music into MIDI files. With the MIDI music file, I can feed it into a synthesizer software that can produce a reasonably good sounding piano music.

I didn't actually play the piano music you hear in the video clip above. It is fully computer generated and produced by this software I recently rediscovered called Pianoteq 3. The previous version was totally unimpressive but now I'm quite happy with the piano tone in this latest installment. The free trial version of Pianoteq has a limitation where some higher # keys cannot be played but that can be easily fixed with some transposing tricks and sound engineering skills.

Anyway, you can download the piano insert song below:
  • Lossy MP3 (320 kbps) version HERE.
  • Lossless WAV format for those with super hearing powers HERE.



  1. You did missed a longer version, let me find a link for you, and thanks i have been looking for a offical transcription of this background song


  2. Hey joseph. You're most welcome.

    I would appreciate it if you can just tell me which episode of the show that played the fuller version of this piano insert song. I'll go re-download that episode and rework on the sheet music. Thanks. (I'm a good netizen who deletes every anime after watching... XD)

    I've also checked with the soon-to-be-released OST and I'm disappointed this piano music is not among the tracks.

  3. Ahhh i can't find it,, but i remember there was a little longer version which had a tune which at first didnt sound like the OP, and then i got to the main tune, by the way, in ep 15, around the end theres also a piano arragement of the ending, but it's quite short, and it's such a pity that this beatiful melody won't be in the main OST, i hope they release it eventually like they did with Marmalade boy along time ago

  4. That's alright joseph. Hopefully, they will put up a fuller version of the piano music in the upcoming episodes. I'll definitely keep my ears open from now :)

    Yes I'm very fond of the piano part of the ending in ep 15 too... but it's too short and incomplete! Doesn't make much sense transcribing it...

  5. As a plus, Are you currently watching tegami bachi? If not, I just recommend watching episode 16, it's just a side off story, but the piano song it's amazing. I want to know what you think about it.

    At the very beggining of the episode you can hear a little of it
    here it's the link

  6. Thanks for the heads-up. I'm a bit behind my anime watching but I'll check it out soon. The first Tegami Bachi OP is also one of my favorite anime songs for last season.

  7. Oh wow. Just wow... YouTube took down my video because 株式会社バップ filed a copyright complaint against me. They probably can't tell the difference because the transcription is too well written. ┐(´~`;)┌

  8. Re-uploaded another YouTube video using a different background image from Pixiv instead. Also recorded an animation of the Finale sheet music and overlay it on the video. Not too bad looking if I'd say so myself.

  9. just as you said, it's too good written hahahah xD

    you should feel proud, and damn tegami bachi 17 broke my heart man =(

  10. Haha. Nah, I was trying to be sarcastic towards YouTube and the Japanese company.

    Oh yeah, I've just watched Tegami Bachi Ep 16. The piano music is indeed pretty classy. However, it can be quite forgettable since it is not part of the OP or ED song.

  11. I cloudn't get it off my head, but too bad I am still a noob to transcribe.. anyway I have seen you don't update your blog too much, why is that

  12. Well everyone starts off as a noob. You just need determination to learn and train yourself.

    You're right. I don't update my blog very often nowadays because I'm finding less time for my hobbies. After all, this is somewhat a hobby-oriented blog.

  13. uuh i need the longer versioooon <3 of this insert song
    can someone link it?

  14. Wow. I think you're a genius.

  15. i recently started and finished the first 25 eps of kimi ni todoke. i heard this piano piece play a few times and absolutely loved it. thank you for providing an mp3 and music sheet. its amazing and youre so talented!!

  16. Hey I was wondering if you've also found the guitar instrumental version of kimi ni todoke?
    You hear it at around 5`45 in for example, episode 12 of the anime. Please inform me if you do find it. firzen8191@hotmail.com thanks a lot.

  17. I love love love love your piano covers. You have such a wonderful talent on the piano. When i first hear one of your songs, it makes me cry till i have to get like the WHOLE box of tissues. :$
    But Really honestly, truthfully, ITS AWESOME.

  18. yeah. there's a guitar insert song. found in episode 1, like in the 8th minute.

    your cover is truly amazing! SUGOI!!!!

  19. Does anyone know the fingerings for the piano version?

  20. wow, amazing :)

  21. Ionized,

    Thank you for your sharing. This is very useful. I'm looking for the piano sheet for it ^^

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  22. Hey Ionized,

    thanks a lot for sharing. I'm also very happy to find these beautiful soundtracks as free sheet notes on the web.

    Thank you man !
    Matthew E.

  23. season 2 last episode 12 14:12 - 17:05 i think that was a bit longer one

  24. I do not usually make comments on blogs, but i was impressed by the quality of your work. For the materials provided, and the dedication placed on it, i thank you.