Thursday, March 27, 2014

Another Shelved Project

I was spring cleaning my computer and incidentally found these images drawn in early 2012. They are supposed to be character sheets used for a personal 3D project which I shelved due to a lack of motivation. Before I go and delete the related files to recover much needed space, I might as well share them here. Could be of some use to the nendoroid fans.

Mirai Suenaga

Haruka Suenaga

Kanata Hoshikawa

Eiji Seiun

The last decent 3D test rendering before I shelved the project.

Oh, on another note, I was quite surprised when Good Smile Company announced the actual nendoroid product in late 2012. It was probably that time when I felt there is no need for redundancy and gradually stopped the project. Though I can't deny the fact I was working really slow on it while self-teaching Softimage.

Experimenting with HDRI rendering in Softimage.

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