Saturday, January 31, 2009

Toying with Photosynth

Ever since Microsoft launched their new product - Photosynth, I've been tormenting my old Pentium 4 laptop to cough out (render) more 3D images of Figma Mirai at various viewing angles.

Test 1:
(8 Photos - 100% Synthy)
Initially, I tried to synth Figma Mirai with existing images I did previously. I was quite surprised to get 100% synthy, meaning all the images matched, but something's just not right...

Test 2:
(24 Photos - 21% Synthy)
This time, I used the nekomimi version of Figma Mirai as the test subject. I read through the Photosynth Photography Guide carefully and rendered my 3D model at every 15 degrees in hope of synthing Figma Mirai accurately. The result is a little disappointing though - only 21% synthy.

Test 3:
(72 Photos - 56% Synthy)
Then I tripled the number of photos from the previous test, i.e. I do a snapshot at every 5 degrees angle instead. Still quite disappointed with the result. But at least I get to see a fraction of the navigational halo now.

Test 4:
(72 Photos - 56% Synthy)
Since Photosynth detects textures instead of edges, I thought that by decorating the floor with some characters, I can raise the synthy percentage. Guess what? That didn't help at all... orz

Test 5:
(360 Photos - 100% Synthy)
I decided to go all out and rendered Figma Mirai by rotating the camera at every single degree. Although I scored a perfect synth this time, I still could not get a full navigational halo.

The synthing algorithm requires more work. Photo quantity matters. And I need a better PC for faster rendering xD


  1. nice! better PC? what do you work on?

    THe ring seems to form when there are angles from higher and lower

  2. An Intel Pentium 4 (2.80 GHz) Compaq laptop with a low-end graphics card. Took me about 48 hours to render all the low res pics you've seen above.

    Hmm... I don't recall reading anything about high/low anglers in the Photosynth Photography Guide though. Would love to hear more comments on how to get a full ring.