Monday, February 9, 2009

Mirai and Haruka 4koma

Last week, I was cleaning my Intuos2 tablet and moments later, found myself scribbling away with the Wacom pen without realizing. Images of SD Mirai, which appeared on Danny's site not too long ago, must have been haunting me so I ended up drawing semi-SD version of the Suenaga sisters.

I'm no stranger to CGing but this is probably my first 4koma... I think. Artwork is a little crude since it was a rushed job.

Drawn entirely in Photoshop CS2. Yes, it's not the best software for inking digital lines but I didn't have Painter installed. Anyone wants to recommend me a better program for drawing lines with a tablet?

By the way, this 4koma is an inside joke for the readers.

Panel 1: じーっ (stare)
Panel 2: ドド (heartbeat)
Panel 3: ドドドドド (racing heartbeat)
Panel 4: きゃあ~ (shriek)

Highlight for spoiler >>> Dolphin is another word for penis on <<


  1. Lol, very funny.

    Also ever try Paint Tool SAI? The pen tool gives me the same sort of feeling Painter does, but the program uses less memory, which is nice cause my computer is old. XD

  2. I love the intuos2, lovely CG and very funny message ^^!

  3. looks great, awesome Mirai & Haruka 4koma lol, will you be doing more?

  4. Wow. Funny. I love Haruka's face

  5. This is awesome man! Love the 4-koma, really funny. And how cute when Mirai runs away, and Haruka has no qualms whatsoever with dolphins! ^^;

  6. Thank for the recommendation Ana. I just tried SAI and it's pretty simple and responsive. Not bad at all. :)

  7. lol cute & lovely!
    Haruka's face on the 3rd panel reminds me of Chiaki Minami of Minami-ke! ^^