Friday, March 6, 2009

Mirai Dakimakura Sketch

Before I did the Nyoron Haruka-tan 4koma, I actually made a quick and rough sketch of a Suenaga Mirai dakimakura. Unfortunately, I had to put this sketch aside because I was still trying out PaintTool SAI. Sketch progress was slow too since I have no easy access to a computer and tablet for the past couple of weeks due to major renovation work at my place. After reading Danny's latest news on Mirai Merchandise, I decided to upload this sketch and thought maybe Danny could use it as a reference. Is her pose a little conservative? XD

By the way, does anyone know the best resolution and pixel dimension for drawing dakimakura? The original DPI for my sketch is only 72 pixels per inch with a dimension of 2267 by 4818 pixels. I wonder if that's too small...


  1. most of the printing meteria require 300+ dip up to 450dip, so dakimakura should be the same.

    btw, good draw! dannychoo likes it to!
    can i have a high resolution?

  2. Wow this is amazing! Hope Danny approves. ^^

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    Sunspot Ein: I see... that means I'll need a canvas size of 20000x6000 pixels at 300 DPI to print a dakimakura. Geeeez, that's huge. LOL

    Don't worry, I will upload the high res pic once I finish it. High res sketch is too painful to look. ^^;;;

  4. Nice...She looks very nice...nice eyes

  5. Posing seems a tad awkward. Female anatomy, physics (I don't see why the breasts would be squeezed together there)...etc. And yea a little too conservative for my tastes.

  6. Really nice drawing. Erm... if you're doing this for print, it's best to get it done in mm or cm. So that printers will know exactly what size to print. Pixels are mainly for screen/web. ^^

  7. Nice work ^^ Did you get your tablet recently? How much was it? I am planning to get one and draw my mascot.

  8. Thanks again.

    Anonymous: Don't worry. It's a rough and this pose is not finalized. Both arms were up initially sandwiching the busts. Was trying out different poses to see which one looks good. Didn't have time to redo her breasts.

    Hey Steph. The dimension in pixels I calculated is based on DPI. So if I convert 2267x4818 pixels to cm based on 72 DPI, I am printing at about 80x170 cm. Will try to fit the final drawing into a 50x160 cm dakimakura at 300 DPI, which is approximately 6000x20000 pixels.

    Ziqi: I'm using a 6x8 Wacom Intuos2 which I bought like 7 years ago. I vaguely recalled it cost almost 400 Singapore dollars or 230 U.S. dollars back then. I think you can buy a bigger Intuos3 with more features for the same price now. If you've never drawn with a tablet before, don't expect to produce results immediately because you'll need some time to relearn hand-eye coordination. Anyway, have fun with your mascot. :)

  9. Ok. Thanks for the info and advise ^^

  10. Opps... you're right Steph. The number of screen pixels has nothing to do with print dots or DPI when sending an image for commercial printing. But I'm still confused as to what is the minimum canvas size in pixels required to make a decent looking 50x160 cm print at 300/600 DPI.

  11. 160cm... It's taller than I am. =_=

    Well, we don't usually think about it in pixels unless it's for web. So I don't think I can really answer this question. Perhaps when you create your file in photoshop for example, you can probably set it in cm, then switch it to pixels after creating it.

    For print, 300Dpi is more than enough. Unless you intend to print images with very fine details, perhaps you should go higher, especially when you're printing a size that's A1 and above. (which in your case, about the size of 2A0 since the height is 160cm)

    :) Just 2cents from me. Web's not my forte, so dpi is the only part I can explain.