Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Original resolution (2480x3507) in PNG HERE.

At first, I did thought of doing this webcomic in Japanese but due to my limited knowledge of the language and after considering my target audience, I dropped the idea and did it in full English. Thanks to meronpan who helped with the translation of the dialogs, I now have a Japanese version. ^^

Other than my poor ability to read and write Japanese, I realised my Japanese font library is just as pathetic. Luckily, I managed to find some fancy fonts from this site for the main title of my webcomic. Changed the subtitle from "Sibling Love" to "shisukon" (Sister Complex), which I feel is more appropriate in Japanese. I don't know how to translate the small print that says "Dakimakura image from" so I just ripped off some text from Hobby Stock...

Now I wonder if any Japanese will ever get to see this... wwwww


  1. ah, happy you enjoyed the translation, though perhaps i should've spent more time on it (hope there aren't any errors ^^;;)

    i was modeling mirai's way of speaking off of haruka (minamike)... hopefully that was both appropriate and executed alright ^^;

  2. You know what? I've always been associating Suenaga Mirai's character with Minami Haruka's as well. Gotta love Minami ke - one of my favorite slice of life anime.