Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mirai Figma (TFS Version)

The real Mirai Figma is finally here! Looks like Mirai-chan's optical eyes are painted just in time for Tokyo Figure Show 2009. This is not the final product so I assume there will be more touch ups when she is ready for mass production. Nonetheless, Mirai-chan is looking gorgeous!

Close-up views...

Some of the DC readers might have noticed the weird joint on Mirai-chan's left wrist, but in any case, I believe this can be easily rectified with some minor adjustments.

While I was modeling 3D Mirai, I actually noted that Max Factory used to choose their Figma characters carefully - girls usually wear sleeves, wrist bands or guantlets to "hide" those hideous looking joints. A clever design I must say.

Hmmm... is it me or do Mirai-chan's lower arms look a bit too ermm.... plump? Probably can't be helped due to the elbow joints.

I feel that Mirai Figma's painted eyes are slightly different from those illustrated by Azami Yuko sensei but they are still very lovely. I approve!

I worry about those twin pigtails though. Notice some supposedly glue residue left on one of the pigtails? Hopefully, the production team will reinforce them with metal wire or something, so that they won't break off too easily.

Well, I could be wrong about the glue residue since the picture quality isn't the best as I believe they were taken from the mobile phone shown in the photo below, which Danny first used it to tease his readers a few days ago. LOL

And more pictures of Mirai Figma display at the Tokyo Figure Show...

Notice only Mirai Figma houses a clear case. I guess she's the only prototype?

I kind of like this photo shoot by Danny. The lighting and camera angle are refreshing. :)

Edit: Better images of Mirai Figma display can now be found at Danny's Tokyo Figure Show Report (1 day after this initial writing). Also hijacked this very nice shot below by ニトロ有線式.


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